Early Disease Screening Profiles

A variety of screening tests are available to check your pet for underlying abnormalities, even when he or she is feeling well.  Just as your family physician will often recommend yearly blood work and urine tests to look for hidden diseases, we use these tests in animals for the same reasons, with the goal of dealing with any problems before they become illnesses.

These tests can include:

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC): This test gives information on the types of cells in your pet’s bloodstream. These cells include the Red blood cells (RBCs), White blood cells (WBCs), and platelets. This can give us clues to underlying anemias, infectious diseases, and inflammatory processes.
  • Biochemistry: This test will look at many of your pet’s internal organs such as the liver, kidneys, pancreas, protein, electrolytes, and sugar levels. Elevations or deficiencies in some of these values can often signal a problem with that particular organ or body function.
  • Urinalysis: This test will often put the parameters found in the tests above into perspective, especially with respect to the kidneys and protein levels. As well, it can often detect crystals, underlying infection, and abnormal cells shed into the urine.
  • Fecal Examination: This test screens your pet for intestinal parasites. As some parasites are zoonotic (able to be transmitted to people) it is recommended to have this test performed yearly. Some animals may be infected with an intestinal parasite and do not show any clinical signs.

Other tests may also be recommended depending on your specific pet’s needs.

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